5 advantages of telework


Telework: the future of the most technological companies

During these days in Spain, some companies must face a new challenge: telework. All the sectors cannot adapt to this way to work (construction, mechanics, veterinary medicine, first necessity, etc), but for which yes they can, is a form to diminish the impact of these measures in our companies. He is inevitable that the volume of business of the same is decreased by the confinement of the population, but is not necessary to lose the hope nor to throw the towel.

What is telework? Work that is realised outside the headquarters of the way company Telematics

In Gatecreepers we have followed the recommendations of the Government of Spain and have restored this form of remote work not to stop giving service to our clients. For this reason, we presented a series to you of advantages to restore telework:

5 advantages of telework


Advantage 1 of telework: The workers can car-organize thus gaining autonomy.

This is the main advantage. If you trust your workers, you can allow that they themselves organize themselves to fulfill their workday. It is very probable that some of them has children or daughters, reason why can be that they must to them take care of because they also are at home during these days.

Advantage 2 of telework: Monitoring of the tasks. 

You can ask to install a program that serves to verify the real time that uses the employees in the development of the tasks. Thus you will discover if some is taking more of the account and is eclipsing to others.

Advantage 3 of telework: The displacements are avoided.

In this way, the employed employees and can begin their workday fleeing from cloggings or haste. Simply, sitting down in front of the computer, they can begin and receive this as an advantage.

Advantage 4 of telework: You reduce costs in the company.

When not having €œto raise the blind€, you save in the common expenses of an office as the light or the water reducing the cost of the invoices, which can take to assume less risk during, mainly, the confinement.

Advantage 5 of telework: It can increase the productivity.

This comes dice thanks to the own organization. If the worker or worker is at home and must organize other tasks, he can make a valuation of the priorities of his work and reduce the time in doing some of them.

Person telework at home

Also it can be a great moment to make a valuation of the company and to stop in thinking to you about her and how improving it. You think that you could restore telework a day to the week? It is the moment for opening new line of business? You think that you can give more value to the social networks or of thinking about giving a new air to your Web?

It is logical that the confinement is changing the map of the enterprise world and that there is to adapt to it, but we can remove advantage from it hoping to that this situation improves. This is a great opportunity to learn and to discover new forms of enterprise organization, aprovech©mosla!

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