What is one landing page and why it serves?


Perhaps sometimes you have listened to the term landing page or landing page speaking with some person who knows something of marketing online. But, you really know what is and why it is used?

Landing Page

Which is its use? We explained it to you with examples

One landing page (or page of destiny) is a page that is created so that the users arrive at her and leave their data of contact so that the company establishes a communication relation. Normally, these data are left because the user wants something of your Web. For example, if you want to sell service very specific and you need to know data possible client (as the company to that it belongs), to be able to make a previous study before proposing a service to him that adapts to its needs.

Design Landing Page

This example is something that we have lived with several clients within Gatecreepers. They are dedicated to a very specific sector and they go to companies, but they cannot begin to work without knowing antecedents the same. For it, page uses one landing to explain those services that offer in a simple Web in which they appear different bellboys who redirigen to a form with some fields to fill up. In this way, the possible clients leave their data so that the companies can make the previous investigation before arranging a meeting to approach the doubts from a much more specific point.

 Another one of the reasons by which a user can leave to his data in one landing page is because you offer something to him in exchange for them. For example, if you have information valuable that you want to share (as for example a group of work to standardize processes or a special content to help to the user with its studies) and you do not want €œto give€ this content, you can propose an exchange to the person who wants to unload that content in exchange for her data. Of this form, you are able to increase your number of leads and to send post office to warn of new features and to try to make some type of cross-selling.

Perhaps also you are a store online and that you offer discounts for your following purchase. We have also been with this case in our company. Clients who once they finalize his purchase, them redirige to a form in which stuffed your data and occur your opinion on the purchase process and a code of discount arrives at the mail. This way, the client secures an incentive so that she buys again favoring the loyalty (and your company takes a new subscription).

Example of Landing Page

What is lead?


Certainly you have heard this term sometimes.

It continues reading! We explained to you what means

When we spoke of leads (or prospectuses in Castilian) we talked about to when a person leaves her data of contact, that is to say, she subscribes to the Web. You Are not going to extend in this term because she gives for another post complete, but has left with the fact that people page visits your landing and happens through different mental processes before becoming a subscriber. You must have the information very clear and to offer something that really needs to him to the user and to appear it of the best possible way. In this way, you will secure a data base with which to have informed the people who are interested in your company.


To attract lead in one landing page
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