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Telework: to work in remote outside the headquarters of the company

As or we commented in our post previous, this situation of group of forty derived from the sanitary crisis caused by the Covid-19 has taken to many companies green forced to work in remote, or what is the same: to practice telework. Although this modality is very extended by Europe and has its advantages, that many CEOs and managers defend fervent, it is certain that Spain on the matter does not have a great tradition and that to many businessmen it has pillaged to them €œof sopet³n€.

For all those that still are taking the hands at the top with the panorama, we bring some effective basic solutions to you but. We today presented the main tools to you for telework.

Gratuitous tools for the internal communication of the company and its departments


The interdepartmental communication is essential facing the good operation of the company. In a situation of actual work he is habitual that occurs daily meetings to organize the tasks. All we know the telephone as mass media €œof alive voice€ and in direct, but the calls to several bands are troublesome.

We bring some alternatives to you of telework tools:

Workers teletrabajando




Skype is a well-known tool for videoconferences. It allows individual calls as much as group. She is perfect for company meetings, but also for meetings with clients since it allows to use video or no, includes chat option, to share screen, to send attached archives, as well as the possibility of creating group calls of up to 50 people.

This tool includes payment plans, but also gratuitous.

Its main disadvantage is that so it is used that can be saturated. In addition, it has a high index of updates, reason why you will have to anticipate if you have a meeting in case you are in that point and you cannot arrive precise because it is still in readjustment process.



This tool has the similarity with Skype of which you can do v­deollamadas, but it gives the opportunity you to program the meetings and that activate the communication of totally automatic form. Simply, programs the meeting and your employed clients or must enter with the link that you tolerate to them through WhatsApp (for example). In this way, you can clickar and to put a reminder to you in the mobile of which you have the meeting and Zoom lens will make the rest.

To monitor working times:



Toggl is one of the tools of more useful telework to know how long you are dedicating for each task. When installing it in the computer, you can see his direct access and clickar in him so that it appears to you the window in which to begin to enter the minutes. Once initiate the time, you can add a description and assign the project to him in which you are working.

The main disadvantage is that you must form the projects in the Web and give access to all the people who work in him. Another important disadvantage is that you only have access to 5 gratuitous profiles, reason why you will have to buy the expansion if you want that more people use it.



This tool is very similar to Toggl. It is simpler, but its function is basically the same. It has a similar appearance, but when clickar it will take you to another window in that you will have to impute the project, as well as his description.

Clockify usually gives more problems than Toggl since its entrance and exit of windows can cause that it does not enter the time at some moments well, but are totally gratuitous. Another disadvantage that presents is that the search of works in its interface is much more rudimentary that Toggl. It does not allow you to close the eyelashes per days, reason why you will have to do yes or yes the listing of all the works and once clickes in one and return backwards, you will return at the home of the listing.

Photographer teletrabajando

To share archives and content:



It is the cloud that it has integrated Google when creating an account of Gmail. Account with 15Gb of space to be able to create documents or to raise some type of content who you have in the computer and who you want to share. You can drag the file to his writing-desk and, once loaded, share it of simple way. Indeed, his 15Gb usually is its greater problem because, although it seems a great amount of space, usually it remains small and you must decide on the payment option to buy major storage.



Direct competition of Google Drive. It has the same functionalities, safe by the fact that its gratuitous version has a limit of 2Gb. Other options of payment as the Pro exist that allows you to have 1Tb of capacity and the enterprise one, that allows you until 5Tb. Dropbox synchronizes with all the computers that they have installed the account, reason why is simpler to share the archives, but its limit of capacity in its gratuitous version is the inconvenient major. 


It serves to assign and to share tasks between the different workers from the company. By means of a series of commentaries, you can add to new jobs or updates of the advances that become in the different projects and assign them by people. He is very useful to have a general vision of everything what it must do and in what point is each if it needs its actions to advance in something. You can create different boards by departments so that it is easier to order. Trello does not allow to share nothing else, reason why its use enough is limited, but its function as one of the telework tools, fulfills it.

Writing-desk telework


To be in touch and to maintain conversations:



It is the most famous application of instantaneous mail at the moment. It has a use of more of 98% of the users and is in the day to day of the society. Indeed that is so common it is his main disadvantage because it is very difficult to have an exclusive account for the work. WhatsApp does not allow to share documents or archives of more of 64Megabyte, reason why it restricts much his use.

The option of WhatsApp exists Web to be able to connect you to your conversations from the computer. Selecting this option, you scan code QR and it will be opened in your screen as it appears you in the mobile.


Another tool of instantaneous mail with the difference with respect to WhatsApp of which you can be united to groups of conversation without needing giving your phone number. It allows to make much more big groups of conversation and you can be united to channels of the news to be informed on your sector.

It has the same problem that WhatsApp at the time of sharing archives, but also you can be connected to Telegram through your computer to be able to work without using the mobile.


Perhaps less the most known the three with respect to instantaneous mail, but she is the one that more functionalities presents. It is designed to organize itself by work groups and thematic and it is possible to be connected with Dropbox, Google Drive or Trello, among others. Slack has a gratuitous registry, but you want to use it with total freedom, you will have to contract its version of payment. It is possible that of the three tools of telework of instat¡nea mail, he is most professional.


Here they are all the tools of telework that we used in Gatecreepers in our day to day and that helps us it. Which you in your company use? You knew Them all? You are going to begin to incorporate them in your company to be able to make a more efficient workday?

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