It knows the equipment of Gatecreepers

Ruben Perez-Cejuela

Rub©n P©rez-Cejuela

CEO & Project Manager

Rub©n takes care of the direction and management of projects in addition to the relations with our clients.
It controls the following technologies:
SCRUM, SEO, Google AdWords, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, Javascript+jQuery+Angular JS, Cordoba + ionic framework.

lvaro Tronchoni

Full Stack Developer

Alvaro is specialistic developing of apps, in addition to development of applications Web and supervision of projects. He perfectly controls technologies of hybrid development as: ionic framework/Cordoba, Javascript and nodeJS, in addition to AngularJS, diverse PHP, Java, jQuery and frameworks as Ruby on Rails. A crack!

Alvaro Tronchoni
Raquel Fonfria

Raquel Fonfr­a

Head of Web design & Marketing

Raquel is our specialist in design Web with WordPress. In addition she is expert in generation of contents (videos, texts and designs), graphical design and strategies of marketing online.
He pilots of: Social WordPress, Prestashop, Premiere, Photoshop, InDesign, SEO, Networks.

Javier Mongay

Web Design & Social Average

Javier works the design Web with WordPress, in addition to generating contents for digital marketing and social networks (writing of texts, edition of image etc.).
Also he has knowledge in Html5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Photoshop, Premiere and SEO.

Javier Mongay
Pablo Llavata

Pablo Llavata

Expert in Digital Marketing

Pablo is specialistic in campaigns of SEM and Social Phelp. Also he generates contents our clients to improve his positioning SEO and post for social networks.
A crack of Photoshop, Premiere, InDesign, SEO, SEM and RRSS.

Laura Cruz

Full Stack Developer

Laura is programmer backend and designer frontend. He works developing applications Web and App development, but in addition he can take to end functions of graphical design.
He controls of: React, angular, PHP, NodeJS, Javascript, Java, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Laura cross
Rodrigo Navarro

Rodrigo Navarro

Full Stack Developer

Rodri works developing of Apps and development of applications Web. Rodri pilots of angular, PHP, React, NodeJS, Javascript and Java and has come to our company beating hard.