Gatecreepers: A little history

October 2014

We begin

We finalize our first project €œComercio365€ and sent CompraenQuart APP.
Gatecreepers has been born.



Our first year was hard.
We work untiringly to secure ours first projects and the confidence of ours first clients.
To all of them /as: Thanks! .

DIC 2015

We change

Some arrive, others go away.
Small changes in the Equipment and new social form.
New services and technologies arrive at Gatecreepers.


We grow

New people arrive at our Equipment and greater projects as Weat, Umime, Delegation of Valencia€¦
We extend our facilities and we improved our efficiency implanting agile methodologies.


We consolidate

We work with great clients as Valencian Catalan Autonomous Government, Ajuntament de Quart de Poblet and created projects of greater interest.
We open the new premises in Quart de Poblet and grow in experience and efficiency.


To top

With moments of overflowing and the pride for having been able to consolidate our business.
We continue extending equipment and investments. Objective: To internationalize.


The future€¦

The future it is not written, but the values of Gatecreepers if they are it. New changes will arrive, with the aim of still continuing growing and offering a better service to our clients.
We are and we will be a company in which to trust.

Gatecreepers is a consultancy of computer science established in Quart de Poblet (Valencia), founded by Rub©n P©rez-Cejuela on 2014.

We begin as Gatecreepers CB, one startup with our first project €œComercio365€, a powerful platform of promotion of the local commerce that combined technology Web + app to totally give to a service unitable to associations of retailers and other groups.

For this project, we began to work with technologies as PHP, jQuery, and hybrid development of apps Android/iOS with Phonegap/Cordoba.

After this project, they began to size arrive other works from design Web and design Web WordPress, development of apps for academies and schools, newspapers and until political parties.

In 2015 we began to work with new technologies that today are essential for us: Ionic Framework (development of apps hybrid) and Ruby on Rails.

Also we began with a new area in the company, the installation of advertising screens, creation of audio-visual contents and development of software to size for micro pc's based on linux.

As young company that we are, we worked on a daily basis very hard to give best to our clients and projects.

We deliver a great attack to offer to our clients the maximum satisfaction, being given to them attractive projects, indefinite guarantee of operation, honesty and the best possible treatment.

At the end of 2015 there were changes in the equipment and our social form, happening to be Global Gatecreepers Consulting SL and enlarging our personnel in 2016 with the arrival of companions as Jorge, Jesus and Andrea.

In 2016 we initiated a growth plan that took to invest to majors amounts to us in Marketing and to extend our facilities.

Technologies as NodeJS and AngularJS arrive at ours portfolio from projects, and we began to implant agile methodologies as SCRUM to improve our efficiency.

Thanks to it nowadays we worked with new clients as the delegation of Valencia and developed software for startups as Weat and Umime.

We continue being a small business, but with hard work and effort we have not stopped to grow and we will continue giving the best thing in each of our projects.