How to begin to use Google Analytics?


What is Google Analytics?

A little context

Google Analytics it is an own tool of Google that serves to make the pursuit of a website. Through different data, analysis and statistics you can know the number of visits that your Web has, as well as the behavior of the users who happen through her as they are the time which they are, the pages that visit or if they decide to leave it without making no type of action because it does not interest to them what they find.

Logo Google Analytics

By where home with Google Analytics?


When they order a Web to us, we constructed it outside thinking about as if ours, following the structure marked by the client and thinking about the positioning SEO. And as we treated it as if she was ours, we created an account to him of Analytics so that when giving it she is the propietary person the one that can see the visits that it has. But in more than an occasion we have been with the case that the client does not understand of what we are speaking to him when we make the formation at the time of giving the Web. For that reason, we are going to explain in this post the basic steps to learn to use Analytics. 

When we gave, the account of Analytics already is done, reason why you will not have to worry to you to obtain YOU GO of pursuit. We have your Web under your connected property and to your e-mail, reason why entering with your account of Gmail already you will be able to enter the Web to begin to see his operation. 

 Nothing else to enter Analytics, you will see the main page. In her it will appear a graph in which you will be able to see the pursuit of your Web during the time interval which you decide. You will be able to see the €œUsers€ who visit it, the €œSessions€ of the same, the €œPercentage by ricochet€ and the €œDuration of the session€. Also you can see the number of €œactive Users in real time €œto see how many people are visiting your Web at this moment.

Main Google Analytics

Difference between user and session


The users are the people who visit your page. Individual people, that is to say, the number of people count themselves by who enter your Web. The number of sessions is the number of times that visit the Web. A user can visit a Web three times in the same day, that is to say, during 3 sessions, but he is an only user.

What is the percentage by ricochet?

The percentage by ricochet is the total number of users who visit the Web but they leave it without interacting with her. They can sail by the home page or by which it has served as entrance, but once they visualize it, they decide to close the eyelash or to return back. Finally, also you can visualize the average time by session. Thus you will be able to know if your visitors are reading your content or perhaps they are interested in something in particular (and who you will be able to know if you investigate a little more within the functionalities of Analytics). Also you can see if you have active users in real time at the moment which you enter Analytics.

Sailing a little by the home page, you can find other points of interest. You have access to see the hours of the day in which they visit to you more, the countries and the type of device (computer, tablet or mobile phone).  Here also you can see by the dates that they can more interest to you. 

Metric basic Google Anaylitcs

Also other sections that you can inspect in this page of home of Analytics. For example, you want to know how arrive until you your clients or what is class of pages most popular for them? Analytics gives that information at first you and you can extend it sailing by the tool. For example, you have a graph by colors of the type of traffic that arrives at your page. It gives the data you of €œOrganic€, €œDirect€, €œSocial€, €œPhelp€ and €œReferral€. This information we will extend it in a post more ahead, when we speak of navigation and the different sections, but is the terminology that makes reference to the types search who do of your webpage. These can come through the direct key words, searches or by other links that can be, for example, in your social networks.

What pages visit plus your users?


In order to finalize with the initial page, they also appear the data of the different pages visited within the Web. In the example you can see that one of the pages does not have name and is visited€¦ This can be the page of home of your Web because, as you can see, it does not appear in the listing of the pages nonvisited and is the main one€¦ But Google Analytics does not mark this greater value. So you must make an act of faith and to trust that data is the one of the home page and is not grouping other pages. But thus you will be able to know which are your pages with more success in case you want to harness them or to give more value to others. 

In this post we are only presenting the page of home of Analytics and we do not want to saturate with an excess of information in this first part to you. For that reason, we are going to leave making it this way a small review of the concepts: 


  • Users: people who visit your Web
  • Sessions: number of times that visit to you
  • Percentage by ricochet: users who enter a Web and do not sail more by her than by the page who enters
  • Average time of session: the time that passes the users in your Web
  • Traffic: users and sessions that visit to you and by where they arrive at the webpage

In following the post we will speak of other referring terms to Google Analytics. Those terms are the hearing, the acquisition, the behavior and the conversions that appear in the outstanding information of the left of the main page. The basic definition of each of them is: 

  • Hearing: users who visit your Web (age, sex, location, I interest, etc.)
  • Acquisition: type of traffic by which your Web is visited
  • Behavior: visited pages
  • Conversion: objectives of business of your Web

Left menu Google Analytics

We hope that this post has served to you as help to lose fear to him to enter Google Analytics and to sail by this tool with total freedom. We formed it and we taught to you to process the data so that you always know how your webpage or your store works online.

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