Divi the visual constructor and soles for WordPress more popular


Divi has been able what many other visual constructors have tried in wordpress, to cause that the design Web is much more accessible and visual for all.

Very just a short time one has become the favorite tool of many designers in WordPress, as much freelance as companies of the design Web have been captivated by this powerful constructor of webpages.

In Gatecreepers, always we worked with the best technologies, for that reason next we are going to you to explain what is Divi, why we used it and what advantages contribute to us as design study Web and as client.

Why we chose DIVI? How it works?

Thanks to his system by blocks, now we can create your page with the design Web that adapts better, faster and with less cost.

Divi gives the freedom to take to end all ideas simply us adding, eliminating and publishing the elements that better adjust to the design Web which you have in mind.

All the elements are very visual, allowing inclususo that you yourself you can update your own contents if therefore you prefer it to once we give the keys you of your project.

There you will be able to change or to add to contents doing click with the mouse where you want to update the information of your webpage.

Backend and frontend of DIVI

For example, you can publish a text just by to make click in the block of text from frontend, this way it appears a window of personalisation where to be able to modify all the properties that you need the text at the moment to bring up to date your webpage.

From raising a logo to change the color of any element, thanks to his interface he is simpler to us to make your design ideal Web.

The visual edition with DIVI becomes in real time, you will be able to always see the modifications of your Web the moment.

Furthermore, DIVI has been updated regularly from their initial launching and it has become the product par excellence of €œElegant Themes€, creative company of DIVI, that include it as part of a pack of almost 90 subjects to choose styles and several plugins to give more options to your business online.

Icons of store online

To create a design Web responsive with DIVI.


In himself, DIVI is responsive by defect, we can see how your Web in movable devices adapts and tablets right away reason why you will be able to modify your design easily Web so that it is perfect in any format of screen.

The code in DIVI: Beyond the simple thing

Although DIVI gives many options us, always is possible that you need something special in the design of your webpage.

Luckily, we can easily combine the visual design of DIVI with code CSS or other programming languages Web. The interface that is used does not impose limitations, using the style sheets to modify any aspect to personalize that it is required or adding the functionalities that are required for a project.

In Gatecreepers, we are programmers in addition to designers, reason why always we are going to be able to personalize your Web to the maximum.

Styles and Subjects

One of the great advantages that DIVI for the design offers Web, is their own subjects.

We can adapt all the design of your webpage using the global elements and designs of the subjects that DIVI offers.

He is as simple as to choose the one that better adapts to your needs and to begin to modify and to adapt all elements to the design of our webpage.


In addition, between his characteristics it is possible to emphasize his compatibility with WooCommerce.

Anyone creating its own electronic commerce is of congratulations because DIVI already includes many facilities adapted especially to create a store online.

Examples of design Web with Divi


Next we left some seen previous of our last created designs Web you with DIVI

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