Development Web in Ruby on Rails

What is and why we used it?


What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is framework based on the programming language Ruby, that is used to develop to applications Web.

Its launching was in December of 2005, and in Gatecreepers we adopted it as one of our main technologies of development in 2015, moment at which we initiated the development of projects as the Electoral App or the App for training centers (Academy Turia APP).

Following landlords MVC and by means of object-oriented programming Ruby on Rails allows the development of software Web of a form very standardized and agile.

In addition, Ruby on Rails counts on very important additions as scaffolding (automated management of the data bases) or the €œgems€, that are packages of code already realised (something similar to plugins of WordPress) which also the certain developments when not having make agile much to return to realise one and otrav time parts of the code.

Why we used it?

In Gatecreepers we used Ruby on Rails as she bases of many of our projects of development.

We generally developed the data bases of our applications, as well as their panels of management Web. Also webservice (API) and until sometimes the own public webpage of the project.

In summary, with Ruby on Rails we constructed the data base of the project, its panel of management via Web and the accesses API that soon use apps for mobiles.

Logo Ruby On Rails

Why we developed in Ruby on Rails?

Speed, standardization and ease of use would be the three main reasons.

Ruby on Rails allows us to make agile the developments very significantly, since own framework manages of internal form many of the most tedious tasks as the creation of the model, data bases, view, controller€¦. We practically can carry out those tasks in a few minutes executing some commandos, reason why the development becomes fast and less repetitive much more.

In addition, when counting on a defined structure cradle in MVC, all the project becomes standard much more, reason why the work in equipment when not leaving to the criterion of the programmer the structure of the project facilitates much.

Everything is €œin its site€ and it becomes of the same form, reason why any programmer can take to a project realised in Ruby on Rails and understand it of a much more fast form that in other languages.

Ruby in addition counts on €œa beautiful€ syntax. It is a minimalist and €œelegant€ language (within the elegance that can have a source code).


What advantages contribute to you as client?

OK, now you have arrived until this point, can happen that still you do not have nor idea of what advantages in particular contributes the one to you that we use this technology or another one.

We will summarize it of simple form: Time and money.

Ruby on Rails allows us to make the developments fastest, safer, flexible and standardized, which is translated in less hours of programming and therefore in estimated minor necessary to realise or to extend your project in the future.

In Gatecreepers always we worked with the technologies that allow us to offer the best results with the most optimal costs, and always are in recycling process to adapt to us quickly to what it offers the majors advantages to our clients.

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