Generation of types of contents:

What is the content and two forms to classify it


Types of contents for design Web and digital marketing

Often we were before clients who want to open a blog (I do not speak of a webpage with blog, but of a blog as tool) and that nevertheless does not finish understanding difference between a blog and a Web with blog.
We are writing up an article to explain the difference to you, but at the moment we believed important to clarify these two types of contents that as much confusion they generate: the difference between static and dynamic content.

What we understand by content?

All the webpages, are of the type that are, are composed by content. It is the images, videos and texts that conform our information available in the network.

The content is the key of our digital presence and our search engine optimization. Without the content we are not nothing. It describes to us, frames us in a context, it represents to us and over all it helps us to improve our positioning SEO. We think that Google is a robot, one that contrasts, it rakes, it stores, it orders, it catalogues€¦ of million data of thousand webpages worldwide.
On what one is based for these processes? Among others things, are based on the content.

What causes that Google understands that our webpage represents a company that sells shoes, it is (among others things of that we will speak in futures posts to you) the content that we put in her. Mainly contained in the form of TEXT.

It is very important to have a good content in our webpage: good representative texts, written well and that contain the key words of our sector; good own images of good quality and corporative videos that our company and its services speak on.

Generation of contents

The content is key at the time of realising a design Web

Two forms to catalogue the type of contents:

Static content Versus. Dynamic content.

The static content is that one that does not vary in the time (or at least not so often) as can be a presentation of the company and its services. It is the content that usually we find in the main pages of our Web (home, about, contact, services.). We called it static because the normal thing is not to have to so often update it: perhaps once a year or once in a while we need to update our data of contact, or our services; perhaps the description of our business no longer represents and we want to give him a nut return to us. All these changes are normal and although in essence they suppose to change our texts and/or images, we continued calling to them contained static for being updated with a low frequency.

The dynamic content on the other hand refreshes and updates of way appellant and with a high frequency. In this cataloguing the products of a catalogue are included or lies down online and the post of a blog. They are called dynamic because they will need updates monthly, biweekly or weekly or even daily. One is not to change the description of a page that or exists in our Web, but to create new pages with different and new contents (as pages of products or posts of a blog).

Coordination of equipment blog

The importance of a good dynamic content

From Gatecreepers always we recommended our clients who consider having a blog in their Web and to maintain updated it.
In fact to our clients of marketing online and social networks we included this service to them in the pack of maintenance of social networks.

But why it is so important to have a blog within our Web?


Basically because to Google the new features enchant to him. To have a blog gives the possibility regularly of adding to new content to our Web and that us to Google to fascinate to him.

Imagine to you that you are a travel agency organized with its own webpage. Possibly you are tie to certain key words (terms search in finders as google) as for example: organized trip, travel agency and group travel. Up to here all wonderful one, the people who look for those words in google is going to you to find without first because you have done a wonderful work of SEO and you are positioned on the front page. Well, but and if they look for to you with other key words that they are not those three? Possibly they do not find you but to other agencies.

How we can solve this? Adding many new types of contents that contain key words of our sector, and the best form to do it is through a blog. If we have articles that speak on trip advice, the cheapest destinies to travel in 2019, the best trips for this summer, trips of adventure etc€¦ We extend very many our potential of being found in finders since we are constantly adding new key words to our Web that before we did not contemplate.


We hoped that this article has clarified this doubt to you and, mainly, that it animates you all to add to your webpage and to maintain regularly updated your blog!

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