What implies to have a quality webpage?


At the present time the platforms abound that allow you to create webpages of quality of a way fast and easy with a certain degree of personalisation. Often we were with clients who want to redesign Webs that they themselves with the help of these platforms have created. And it is that what in principle it seems a wonder without hardly cost, can leave very expensive when it is tried to position a Web in google that has been created with a Juan Palomo platform (I stew myself, I as). To let grow of way logical and organized a Web, can also become a worry when we have used some platforms self-service that usually present problems at the time of creating a webpage in multilanguage or the case of wanting to have more of a menu.


And it is that, if really you want that your company has an appearance, operation and professional yield, are many the aspects that there are to consider at the time of designing a webpage. Technician is a work more than he can seem a priori and he is for that reason that the specialists in design exist Web.

Facing creating a webpage, it is necessary to own a series of technical knowledge and to follow certain steps that ensure their speed to us, their potential of growth and pick up. It is important not to undervalue some aspects if we want that our Web is what we have in the head.

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5 Things to consider at the time of creating a design Web

1. Objectives and purpose

It is obvious, but we were with many companies that do not know clearly the utility that you want to give its Web. First that we must know as businessmen are why we want our Web.

In many cases this will depend on our model of business. If you are a creative artist or of any type you are possibly looking for portfolio where to set out your works.
Perhaps you want a blog in case you are a traveller or a fashionable critic, art, gastronomy€¦ If what you look for is to have a presence online, the best thing would be a corporative Web where present your company and its services One is a store online where the clients can buy his products or simply we want that it is as a catalogue with prices but without option of purchase?

 One of the responsibilities of the professionals of the sector of the design Web it is to advise to our clients exceeds how to focus its strategy online.

2. Technical aspects

Many aspects enter game here that the nonprofessional ones usually ignore. They are less visible aspects for the users of our Web, who can happen at first sight inadvertent in the final result. Nevertheless aspects are key that can determine their correct yield and positioning SEO. They are very important and is worth the pain not to ignore them!

 We can include in this category questions as: 

    • The election of a domain adapted for our Web
    • The lodging in a safe and fast servant
    • The selection of representative, competitive key words and LOCATED WELL in our Web
    • The organization and hierarchy of our Web and its contents. Very important aspect facing UX (user experience) and that can favor the obtaining of the awaited results.
    • Election of the technology that better adapts to your needs. Is better for your company a WordPress, a Prestahop, a Web with code?
      Cases exist and cases and all the technologies are not ideal for all the projects. A good specialist would have to advise to you on your options and to recommend to you what she adapts more. Because she is not worth the pain to pay to size by a Web if you can do it faster and economically with WordPress Truth?

These aspects and many more usually leave into the hands of the developers Web, but by all means they are possible and they must to put common with the clients.

3. Contents

The contents they are the most important part of a Web. In the first place because they comprise than the user will receive as image of our company and in second because they are what he will help us to position in finders as Google.

The texts of our Web are of great importance. The habitual thing is that the company facilitates these texts since nobody knows as much on the services that offer as them. But he is habitual that our clients do not know how to focus these texts. In these cases it is important that the designer professional Web advises to the company exceeds what type of contents written will have to be facilitated. In Gatecreepers we were in charge to pass a series to you of questions with which we extract the information necessary to write up your contents. To this service of text writing for the digital surroundings Copywriting is called to him.

To design Web of quality with brush
Visual content of quality

The visual contents are also of great importance. The corporative videos with a great idea to draw attention of the visitors to our Web since they allow to show of brief and slight way our services us, identity, philosophy€¦

Also we needed showy photographies of good quality and to attract the users. Very good banks of images exist of which professional photographies can be extracted to accompany to our Web, but in any case is important to use these images less possible. He is recommendable that the photographies are own and that are realised by professionals with quality equipment.

 You can throw an eye to him to the Web of ladehesavalencia.com, where you will see the great effect that creates to have real images of quality and of your business. All the photographies were taken by Gatecreepers during a single session and they serve so much it to us Web as to accompany action by digital marketing as this company.

4. Design

 Certainly many of you you thought that this era the most important aspect and first that it would have to be taken care of to consider at the time of creating a Web, To that yes?

 Nevertheless, You look everything what there was before arriving at this point! A common error between the designers little experienced is to take care of the design almost first of all, but€¦ How we are going to choose a design that represents the ideals and the necessity of a company if we do not know it in depth? How we are going to create a logical structure if we do not know the volume of contents which we have? And if we created is a design with a selection of colors and soon that their photos do not fit well?

 Not us malentend¡is, the design Web is a VERY IMPORTANT part! A good design reinforces the corporative image of a company and help to transmit its values. It is not the same company with a fresh and self-assured philosophy that another serious and elegant€¦ and by consequent one the design cannot be equal.

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5. Final adjustments

The moment arrived from the last verifications before giving by finalized the Web. It is necessary to verify his correct operation and aspects as:


    • Times of load and optimization Web
    • Adaptability for mobiles
    • Indexing and search engine optimization
    • Correct general operation of the Web
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