6 steps to budget your design Web


You are looking for a design budget Web and you don't have nor idea than you need to consider?
In this post we will explain in 6 brief steps the questions that usually we make our clients when they call or they write us to inquire and thus to budget your design Web.

0) Taking of contact.

Hello! Tell us just a little bit. How called your is company? To what you dedicate yourselves?

1) We left from something? Already you have logo? Colors? Corporative Image?

We will consult if from where we started off to you, for example if you already have Web and it has remained old, if at some time you have had webpage, etc.

If you do not have anything, we will need to know how if or you have a logo or corporative image, to be able to do design Web based on your colors.

In case of still not arranging don't mention it, we can offer a service to you of graphical design.

To budget seen Web previous

2) Type of Web that you look for and structures

Important question, What function is going to have your Web?

Between different types from page we included pages simple €œis present at€, that serves to show your company, who we are, which we do and where we are.

Perhaps you need something a little more complete, than it includes a catalogue of products or services, a blog, or other functionalities.

You want to sell online? In that case you will need a Web with cart, forms of payment, prices of transports, etc etc.

In addition to the type of Web, we will need more or less to know the structure in that you would like to order it, for example indicating to us what eyelashes would have in the menu.

A classic example would be €œHome€, €œWho we are€, €œOur products€, €œContact€

To budget Key words SEO

3) Contents: You have something preparation? You need that we write up your texts?

Knowing what €œeyelashes€ we are going to have in the Web, it will be necessary to give them contained. You have texts and the photos preparations?

If he is thus, phenomenal, we will be in charge to place them of beautiful form and ordinate, being reviewed them and including if it were necessary some keywords to help with the positioning SEO you.

If you do not have anything and you do not have time to prepare it, he does not pass anything. We can offer our service to you of writing of contents, where we will prepare a questionnaire to you so that you tell us about your company and we will take care to write up your contents and search the appropriate images.

In addition, we can offer a service to you of photography of spaces or product if you need it.

4) Languages?

You are going to need to include more of a language in your webpage? As?

We can do it at the same time as we constructed the webpage, or add the languages more ahead, but it is important facing preparing your budget of design Web to know if you are going to need more a language and if we to us of the translations must occupy.

5) Examples of Webs that you like

This helps us much to know your tastes and preferences at the time of structuring and designing your webpage.

You can teach examples to us related to your sector, for example your competition, or can be examples that do not have anything to do, but simply you like.

6) Terms? When would you like to have your webpage?

Of average usually we take approximately two weeks in having prepared a Web, following the structure and contents. But we will need to organize themselves and to see how we would fit your design Web in our calendar of projects, to be able to give an approximated date you of home and gives of your webpage.

Emojis to budget design Web

7) Budget in your mail and€¦ we go in this way!

Knowing all the previous one, we put ourselves to budget your design Web, and shortly you will have it in your mailbox of mail.
It remembers that we will be to your disposition for any consultation or doubts that 🙂 can arise to you

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