Raspberry Pi: What is and what uses we give him


What is a Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi is a computer of reduced plate, computer of unique plate of low cost developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Foundation Pi, with the aim of stimulating the education of computer science in the schools, however, the popularity degree that has reached is due in addition to a his low cost, of around 35‚¬, to its small size (approximately the size of a tobacco package), under consumption and versatility at the time of installing operating systems.

In their processor with architecture ARM distributions of linux as Raspbian can be installed (a derivative of Debian for ARM), Arch linux, Pidora (a derivative of Fedora) and even until a version of Windows 10.

When counting on a complete operating system, with a little knowledge they are possible to be installed multitude of packages, programming languages, etc, reason why we were with a complete computer of a size and consumption very reduced, that does not need ventilators generally, reason why is 100% quiet one.

It has USB connectors, port Ethernet RJ45 (for network cable), grooves for Micro card SD, connectors GPIO and HDMI, the last versions even count on WiFi and Bluetooth for wireless connections.

Raspberry Pi is complete, small, quiet, versatile and very economic a computer.

Raspberry PI 4

last announced model

Recently the last version of Raspberry has announced Pi, whose summary of new features would be the following one:

    • Better processor (ARM Cortex-A72 to 1,5ghz)
    • Better GPU, prepared for video 4k to 60hz
    • More ram memory, with versions of 1, 2 and 4GB
    • Improvements in the connectivity, including Bluetooth 5,0, Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Gigabit Ethernet
    • Ports USB 3, Micro HDMI, and USB C

You can read much on the matter more information in Xataka

Raspberry plate Pi

When we began to use Raspberry Pi and why

 In Gatecreepers, we took control of a Raspberry Pi of the first models, by principles of year 2014, when still we were preparing to found our company, in order to investigate it, to know it and to give some interesting uses him in the future there. And it goes if we did it.

This it would be a chronological summary of the uses that we have been giving to him:

1.  As servant of tests while we developed comercio365

While we developed our first project, Comercio365, we needed a servant where to lodge all the platform and to initiate the first tests.
The Raspberry was incredibly useful in this point due in addition to a its advantages of size, silence and consumption to something much more fundamental: The optimization.

We knew that our platform of promotion of the commerce would count with hundreds of users and thousands of supplies, reason why took advantage of the low power the Raspberry to optimize to the maximum software from the starting phase of design Web, reason why to day of today he is without a doubt one of the projects better optimized than we have sent.

 If it works fast in a Raspberry, it will work perfect in any servant.

Raspberry Pi On Hand

2.  Hardware + software for digitalis signage in hospitals

We arrive at year 2015, and arises our first project from installation from screens and management from advertising contents in hospitals, concretely in the Hospital of Alzira.
At that time in collaboration with the personnel of the center, we designed a network Vlan with several Raspberrys in which we programmed a software for the management of audio-visual contents of remote way.
The Raspberry supposed a spectacular optimization of costs in comparison to other types of hardware for the project, in addition to providing a great freedom to us at the time of programming our software.
Few months later we talked back the project in another hospital of Valencia, adding functionalities as the control of remote and programmed ignition and extinguished of the screens via CEC.


 3. Digitalis signage in bars and restaurants

Something similar to which we did in the hospitals, but in this case in Restaurants, being able these of putting local publicity in its screens, of managing it remotely and by all means to program the strips of ignition and extinguished of the screens.


 4. As servant of endorsement for backup copies

And this it is our last internal project. Recently we have reinforced our systems of backup copy using Raspberry connected to several external discs.
The possibility of programming scripts in Bash, Python or Ruby has allowed us to form a Raspberry to receive from our servers customized backup copies for each project.

Again its small size has been a great advantage.


Other uses that can be given him

€“ Center multimedia with Kodi, you can see more info in adslzone
€“ Video game console with Retropie, as they teach to us in hypertextual
€“ And everything what 🙂 is happened to you with a pocket computer

You want to know more things or to do something with Raspberry in your company?

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