Ionic Framework: Development apps hybrid


What is Ionic Framewok?

Ionic is framework of open code cross-platform for the development of apps hybrid.
It is characterized to use HTML5 as language of model-making for the views of the applications and AngularJS for the programming of controller and functionalities.

Ionic uses complete access to plugins of Cordoba/Phonegap, reason why the possibilities of access to the native functions of the devices are maximum.

In they resunen, Ionic is the technology that we used habitually for the programming of hybrid movable applications.

Some of his




It is cross-platform

The intention of Ionic is the one to create hybrid applications, reason why already basic we are speaking of a project cross-platform.
Ionic is compatible and allows the development of applications for Android, iOS, Windows, WebApps and Amazon FireOS.
In addition, when being a software cross-platform, the development equipment can work in also from different systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux.)

The USA HTML5 and Angular JS with TypeScript

When basing all the model-making on Angular HTML and, allows the design us of interactive interfaces of simple way and totally MVC, so that the logic moves to the models and controller and the views are designed separately.

Components UI

Ionic counts on tens of pre-designed components with which rapid­sima can be created of form cards, alert, bellboys, menus, forms€¦
All these components are adapted to the native interfaces of the different systems, reason why if for example we used a component €œAlert€, this it will be differently in Android that in devices iOS.

You can see all the info on the component UI here.

Ionic Native, access to all the native functions of the devices.

Ionic Native is a collection of all the plugins of Cordoba that allow easily to add native functionalities as the Geolocalizaci³n, Push Notifications, Purchases and payments etc etc.
Hundreds of these exist plugins, generally documented rather well that allows to practically add any functionality us to the applications that we developed.

You can see all the info on Ionic Native

He is free and gratuitous

Ionic is a project open source, reason why its free and gratuitous use is possible, reason why since already we have seen, in addition to saving time we will save money in costs of licenses, etc.

Ionic Framework allows to create apps for Android and iOS of form faster, economic and easy to maintain.


It is necessary to work the yield well

Although they have improved considerably, the yield of a hybrid application always will be a passage behind the native applications.
The good thing, is that with the present yield and the increasing power of the Smartphones, if the development well is optimized in many cases is pr¡ticamente impossible to distinguish one app native of a hybrid.

It does not serve for apps of graphical load

That is to say, we cannot develop to games or other applications that they require of graphical power.

NPM, Ionic, bookstores and the famous errors of compilation

Generally everybody of the development of apps movable is quite prone to have problems between different versions from operating systems, bookstores and packages generally.
Ionic is not an exception, and in many cases it can get to be hopeless when by some external change in any package, the project stops compiling or working and you can spend hours €œbeating to you with him€ until obtaining that everything returns to funcionar.<
In these cases, sites as Stack Overflow they are of one grand­sima help.


There are few developers specialized in Ionic, reason why to the companies as ours, to find people so that they comprise of our equipment can be a complicated task.

Although apps hybrid does not arrive at the power from the native ones, to day of today with a little optimization their yield is than acceptable more.

Ionic Framework Gatecreepers

A little history and his complete version

The first version of Ionic was sent in 2013, and since then periodically they have been leaving new versions, some with quite deep changes for example the passage of Ionic 1 a Ionic 2, where we happened as well of Angular 1 a Angular JS 2 with TypeScript as programming language and were integrated definitively model MVC.

The applications developed with Ionic 1 cannot behave of automatic form to Ionic 2, since there is to reconstruct and to rewrite the majority of the functions.

In 2017 it was sent Ionic 3, whose main new features were the Angular inclusion of 4,0 and TypeScript 2,2, and new possibilities as the Lazy Loading, optimization as much of the applications as the compile times.

And in January of 2019 it arrived Ionic 4, present version of Ionic when to write up this post.

You want to know its new features?

€“ Web Components, improvement of the yield when working directly with Javascript.

€“ No longer it is necessary to use Angular JS, that is to say, you can use Ionic Framework with React or Vue JS to put an example.

€“ Capacitor: New layer to communicate with the native part of the device, reason why no longer is necessary to use Cordoba. More info:

€“ StencilJS


In future chapters:

€“ How to install and to create your first Ionic project
€“ Advice to develop with Ionic
€“ And much more 🙂

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