What is WordPress and what contributes to me?


WordPress, the more popular manager of contents of the world

At the time of creating a webpage multiple forms exist to make it and diverse tools that allow to obtain it us. Today we want to speak to you of WordPress, the more popular manager of contents of the world.

Many of our clients ask to us what is better for them at the time of creating its Web: to use a design with code to size, to create its electronic commerce with PrestaShop, to use WordPress or to count other CMS (€œContent Management System€, system of management of contents).

This post goes dedicated to solve some of these doubts that we heard so frequently. WE BEGIN!

What is WordPress?

 A little context

Since we have already commented, WordPress is a CMS, that is to say, a tool for the developers Web that allows us to create very diverse pages Webs of simple way. One of the advantages of WordPress is that it is in continuous growth: its code is created and maintained by an ample network of developers that work in updates and new versions. This means that the tool is in constant change and improvement, maintaining an optimal yield and constantly incorporating new safety measures, something very positive for us and for you since it guarantees to us that the pages Webs that we created with WordPress will have a long and stable life.

Logo of WordPress

What type of Webs I can create with WordPress?


One of strength of WordPress is that it allows to practically create any type of Web:

  • Blogs: This is the oldest function of WordPess and at the present time it continues being one of his main functions. To create blogs or to incorporate blogs to your Webs is possible with this CMS
  • Portfolios: perfect for artists and creative professionals of any sector. An elegant and visual way to present your work.
  • Stores online: it incorporates catalogues and footbridges of payment to your Web of a simple form thanks to WooCommerce. It flees from the designs watertight and difficult to modify of PrestaShop. With WordPress, to have a store online can be synonymous of personalizable.
  • Model-makings, magazines online, archives: We can create data bases where to load way archives elegant ordinate and since we did with the Historical File of Canet.
  • Webpages to the use, from very simple landings and Webs of presentation to more complicated others with accesses deprived for users.

€¦ Everything is almost possible with this CMS!

In fact, you would be surprised of the amount of Webs of important organizations that they are created with WordPress. To put some examples we will name: the Web of Beyonc©, the Web of the prestigious Sony Music record company, until the official Web of the White House is done with WordPress. And it is that WordPress is the preferred option of many developers, but, why?

Head Web Beyonc©

Why we chose WordPress in Gatecreepers?



In Gatecreepers we worked habitually with this tool. It enchants to us to create webpages with WordPress by some of the following reasons:

FLEXIBILITY: WordPress is a tool that contributes a great flexibility to us at the time of facing the challenge to create your webpage. Since we have already mentioned previously, with her we can practically cover any order, whatever necessity of our client.

RAPIDITY: To create a Web with WordPress supposes a work rather faster than to realise it with code, which stops your pocket means economic. We reserved in Gatecreepers the code for very specific and complicated projects that require a programming that we cannot obtain with any CMS. This is what causes that our prices to develop webpages are so competitive

PERSONALIZABLE: Any benefit to your Web with WordPress thanks to the use of plugins can practically be added specific.

DESIGNS PERSONALIZABLES: It allows us to create very diverse and attractive designs, totally adaptable to the corporative identity of each project. In addition, thanks to his connection with Google Fonts, we counted on a great variety of typographies to choose (almost 1000). We invited to you to that you throw an eye to him to some of our works carried out with WordPress.

Google Fonts

DESIGN RESPONSIVE: At the present time he is vitally important that any Web can be adapted to mobile, Tablet and computer. Thanks to WordPress, this is not any problem! All our Webs count on designs 100% responsive.

PANELS STANDARD: The internal panel of WordPress has a standard design that facilitates much its use, not only for us but also for our clients. If you have several Webs with WordPress, all will have the same form to accede and to be modified, something that does not happen to the Webs done with code.

Entrances of WordPress

What advantages contribute WordPress to me as client?


WorPress is not only one great option as developer, but really we think that it is the best option for our clients, especially for those of you who you want to modify and to manage by you yourself your Webs. With the pages created with code it is practically impossible that the clients can manage their own webpage without needing a programmer; with PrestaShop or other managers of contents this even can be an arduous task.

Divi versus. Code

And to put it to you still easier, we counted on the option to use DIVI. DIVI is one megaplantilla of WordPress that, in addition to counting on many basic designs for those of you who still you want a economic Web, it allows us to create thanks to a system of modules very easy to manipulate and to modify. This way, once given your Web and distributed the formation it exceeds how to manage it, our clients have plenary session control and autonomy to realise changes of fast way.

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