What is a Blog?


First always it is to clarify this concept: a blog is a digital tool that serves to us as support to publish contents online. With contents we understand from texts to opinion articles, the news, information on your enterprise sector (as it is this case) or on your company and its new features. These contents can include images and videos that accompany and illustrate the message, but most important always will be the written content.

Dynamic Versus Static, there am the question here

As we spoke you in a post previous on types of content, it is important to know clearly the difference between Static and Dynamic Content. To summarize a little we will summarize to you that the static content is that one that stays €œunalterable€. It usually we find in sections Web as can be home, about, contact or services since the normal thing is that a company so often does not change to its data of contact or their model of business.

The dynamic content on the other hand is that one that is updated regularly. It can be articles of a store online or publications in a blog. This type of contents even usually refreshes monthly or weekly. It is important to understand that each publication in a blog or each card of product in a Web is a page in itself, with an own URL and an own content.

This is the main difference between dynamic content and static, something that we must know very clearly before deciding to us enters a webpage with blog simply and a blog.

Ideas to create a blog

It discovers more on this subject in our previous post €œGeneration of contents: What is the content and two forms to classify it €œ

Webpage with blog or only a blog. Where it is the difference?


Often we have found with some clients a little confusion on this concept.

A webpage with blog comes to be a webpage of any type and size, where they appear eyelashes to present the company and its services (home, who we are, services, contact€¦) and that in addition includes a blog eyelash.

In the case of a Web of these characteristics, the important and main content will be the information that appears in the corporative sections destined to present the business and to describe its services. The use of the blog in this case is destined to being a tool marketing and to improve the positioning SEO of the Web.

It serves in line as publication of histories with a very high regularity, that are presented chronological in sequence inverse, that is to say, most recent than it has been published is first that appears in the screen. Before he was frequent that the blogs showed to a list of connections other blogs or other pages to extend information, to mention sources or to make notice that it is continued with a subject that began another blog.

At the moment a blog can have diverse purposes according to the type, taxonomy or even its responsibility, as for example reinforcing the personal brand of the author, generating information for concrete thematic communities or to even serve as means search opportunities.

What is a blog

What is a blog and what is not a blog?


We have explained what is a blog in the previous question. You already know that it can have informative character, divulging, personal, propagandistic€¦ But you know exactly what it is not a blog?

Difference between blog and landing page


Also landing is precise to differentiate a blog from one page to begin. It is a question that some client has not known to express what wanted and a blog has requested us when in fact did not want it.

Landing page is a Web that it has as an aim that the users fill in a form to ask for a budget or a code of discount and thus the company secures a data base of clients. As in a blog the commentaries to your publications can be qualified, the doubt was generated in this point because they thought that to the power to write, they could be registered exclusively through posts. A blog is a tool in that commentaries of your readers can be received, reason why you must think about that they are possible to be expressed. You publish and a parcel of the society is free to respond to you. You must think if you want to qualify the commentaries and if it compensates to you to have them. If you qualify them, you must assume that a dialogue can be generated.

If you think that your blog would have to be unidirectional, give the approach him of diffusion channel. Your public will be able to arrive in the same way through other channels as your social networks, your telephone of contact or a mail. 

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